Woman, 88, 'always afraid' after violent carjacking at Livonia Walmart

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Eighty-eight year-old Gloria Kevelighan testified in court and identified her alleged attacker, Jason Malinas Thursday.

"That's him right there," she said.

Battered and bruised, Gloria previously spoke to FOX 2 after she was robbed, pushed to the ground and carjacked in a Walmart parking lot on Plymouth Road in Livonia on Sept. 18th.

Malinas and his alleged accomplice Jessica St. Clair were arrested hours later. Grainy surveillance video from Walmart showed the attack.

Two weeks later, Gloria retold what happened in front of the judge.

"I had my cane in this hand, the purse on my arm, and he came up behind me and started pulling - he was very strong," she said. "(He was) pulling and I thought my arm would break, and I just let him take the purse."

"It happened in seconds. He was so fast, I thought he was going to rob me, I didn't think he was going to take my car."

Thursday in court it was revealed that Malinas left a bag inside with his wallet and ID. Gloria's SUV and purse were recovered, minus $200 from her wallet.

She says she's trying to put it all behind her but it continues to haunt her.

"My bruises are leaving and everything, if I'm busy I don't think about it," she said, fighting back tears. "When I go to bed at night and that's all I can think about.

"I can't get it off my mind, I can't sleep good at night, I'm always afraid."

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Both Malinas and St. Clair are being held without bond. A trial date has not been set.