Woman abducted makes daring escape in Southgate

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A young woman managed to escape her captor in Southgate Wednesday night.

Nineteen-year-old Deanaija Foy was reunited with her family at Fountain Park after escaping her captor's black Chevrolet Impala.

She was kidnapped late Tuesday night while walking near her sister's apartment. The man allegedly beat her every time she tried to use her cell phone, but he was able to communicate her location over the last 24 hours. At one point during one of her phone calls, saying she was in Taylor.

The family says the captor was demanding a $25,000 ransom for her safe return. Police and family are still trying to piece together how Foy managed to escape, hiding in the bushes until she saw police, running towards them and screaming when they arrived.

Foy appears to be okay except for some bumps and bruises, and is going home with her family. The suspect, driving a black Chevy Impala, is still at large. Police have not yet released a description of the man.

"He let her keep her phone, he gave her phone back," said Dionyell Foy, the woman's aunt. "Because he made a ransom, like he wanted money for her to call her brothers to send $25,000.

"So she had the phone, but she said he was striking her every time she tried to use the phone. He never turned the phone off."

"We put the prayers up, we prayed and covered her," said Ocean Roy, the woman's aunt. "She's a straight trooper. She ran from the park and I want to thank you all because my niece is strong.

"People don't get away from crazy people."

Anyone with information should contact Southgate police at 734-258-3060.

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