Woman bloodied by metal bat on haunted hayride

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A young woman was left bloodied and bruised when a haunted hayride became a real life nightmare.

It started as a festive night out with 10 friends out for adventure at “Slaughtered at Sundown" in Armada Saturday night.

It was all going according to plan. Until one actor bumps another carrying a bat, which then hits a woman in the face.

"The bat hit my face," she said. "I would not want to say it was a swing, I don't know the impact because it was really dark. It hit forcefully enough to knock me back."

After getting hit and knocked over. The ride continued. Some of her friends just thought she was scared and not injured.

"I was crying hysterically, kicking," she said.

After the injury happened, Miranda stayed at the attraction with her friends and accepted VIP passes to the haunted house as compensation for what happened.

On Sunday she got checked out at urgent care and found out there were no broken bones.

She then filed a police report. The Macomb County Sheriff's Office was aware of the incident but a spokesperson said the woman called it an accident and did not want to press charges.

"No charges will pressed, I don't want to ruin anything," she said. "I just want to raise awareness."

Miranda says she is speaking out now, warning others to be careful when you attend haunted attractions and has a piece of advice for those putting these events on.

"You should not have a metal bat on a ride where there are (so) many people," she said. "About 20 of us, and (getting) in their face with the bat. You should not have that. If anything have a plastic bat and paint it black."

FOX 2 reached out to the Slaughterhouse at Sundown but was unable to receive a comment.