Woman claims her dog caught Parvovirus in Detroit Animal Control's care

A family claims their dog was left bleeding in a cramped cage by the city of Detroit after being taken by animal control.

The dog later died of Parvovirus and the owner wants answers.

The pit bull mix was taken away after Detroit Police say the dog  bit an 8-year-old boy and his grandmother. The dog was picked up and quarantined by Detroit Animal Control.

"She received two tickets for harboring a vicious animal." said James White, Detroit assistant police chief.

The dog's owner was unable to produce a license, registration or vaccination record.

White said that the dog,  Major, was released to its owner before the quarantine was over.

"The owner had come to Detroit Animal Control," White said. "And spoke with a supervisor and the supervisor released the dog to its owner mistakenly." 

Major's owner admits she made some mistakes but believes another crime happened when she went to see Major during the quarantine. 

"His enclosure was pouring out blood," said Veronica Seward. "Blood was spilling from his enclosure and their was dried blood."

Veronica claims Major contracted the Parvovirus during the quarantine before dying.

"I am deeply devastated at the loss of Major," she said. "He was part of our family."

But Detroit police say it is not confirmed that Major got sick at Detroit Animal Control.

"I can't tell you the dog contracted parvovirus at DAC," White said. "What I can tell you is that no other dogs have shown any symptoms."

But as a precaution, animal control staff are closely monitoring each dog and will be testing all 179 in their care for the virus. 

But Veronica says she deserves some closure but is not sure if it will ever come.

"At this time DAC can't do anything to help us," she said. "Because DAC is unable to help itself."