Woman: Contractor took my $49K, but didn't do the job

A local woman called on Fox 2 Problem Solvers for help after she paid a builder tens of thousands to work on her house -- and he vanished before doing the job.

"I'm very frustrated. I have an unfinished job, and I'm out of a lot of money because I have to pay someone else to finish," said Connie Fish.

Fish says she's spent about $49,000 on this job.

She says she hired Jason DeVooght in August to reconstruct her back deck which included pavement work.

She kept copies of checks she paid to the construction company for a job she says that never got finished.

Fish says she made her last payment to this guy in November of 2016. Again, the job has not been completed, and this guy is nowhere to be found.

Josh Landon: "How tough has it been to get a hold of him since November of last year?

Fish: "Not a word. Text messages. Phone messages. And email."

When Fox 2 called, we got a message saying "the number or code you dialed is incorrect."

The business address listed on the company's invoice lead us to Jason DeVooght's home in Commerce Township.

He wasn't home, and his WHAT didn't care to speak with us.

Josh Landon: "Do you know if he has all of the proper permits or registration?"

Fish: "I'm not sure. I didn't check, so that could be an issue."

Fish says she trusted the contractor because he had done work in her home before this job.

"This is work he's done," she said, showing Fox 2 her home. "It's been completely gutted. It's been redone. He's done a beautiful job. He does great work."

Therefore, Fish says she never thought she would have to deal with this kind of bad customer service.

"I just want to stop him from doing this to someone else," she said.

At this point, Fish would have to take the contractor to court in order to seek any kind of resolution, but that will likely mean more money out of pocket for her.