Woman creates decorative mask chains for kids, donates to Children's Hospital

It was the height of COVID-19 and school doors closed to slow the spread. But one woman got concerned, how would her kids handle a mask when they returned to school.

"How are my kids going to keep the mask on,  keep them with them, not lose them, not drop them, not have them swapped with a friend," said Jennifer Fantich.

It led this mom of three who is also a pediatric speech pathologist, to find a solution. She decided to make a beaded chain to hold the mask in place for her kids and other family members.

Then she posted pictures on Instagram. 

"I posted them and I was immediately flooded with (direct messages) with where to purchase, and where you could get them," Fantich said. "I thought really?" 

That's when this mom got to thinking.

"There has to be a way to do more with this in light of everything that is going on," she said.

So Jennifer contacted Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit.

"For every mask chain ordered, I put out to followers that a mask chain would be donated and delivered to patients at Children's Hospital," she said. 

Since September, Jennifer has donated 100 chains including a donation on Thursday, and she plans to donate more before the end of the year. The hospital was overwhelmed by the generosity.

"I was so thrilled that someone could come up with something to help our patients with wearing masks," said Sinead Nimmo from Children's Hospital.

The vivid colors of the beads and allowing pediatric patients to choose what they receive helps get them excited about something that keeps them safe.

"When you give them the opportunity of choice and control and give them some buy-in, it automatically makes them more interested," she said.

 Fantich hopes she can inspire others to do something good in their community.

"I just hope any child who puts this mask chain on, just smiles," she said.