Woman critically injured in Pontiac hit and run crash

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A woman was critically injured by a hit and run driver in Pontiac Wednesday night - and now the police search is on.

The rollover crash happened at the intersection of Auburn and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd.  Witness video shot after the crash was shared by Pontiac Universal Crimes the SUV was on its side, hit by another vehicle. 

The suspect drove off in what witnesses say was a red pickup truck a Dodge or a Ford with tinted windows and black rims.

The young woman will be fine but her recovery will take time, her mother said. She suffered a collapsed lung and some cuts.

The sister of the victim happened to be pumping gas nearby and heard the accident. She looked up and didn't even realize who was inside.

"When they dragged her out of the vehicle, people were trying to save her life she just saw her laying on the pavement, saw her clothes and knew that was her sister," said the woman's mother.

FOX 2 is concealing her mother's identity to protect the identity of her daughter.

FOX 2: "It's pretty traumatic to witness an accident involving your sister."

"I would imagine, so many people were videotaping my daughter which was great to let someone know is this your family member," the mother said, "But there didn't need to be two videos. Someone could have been videotaping the man."

The sheriff's office confirmed whoever hit the young woman after 11 p.m. Wednesday got away.

"He looked out the window a couple times probably to see if she was alive," the mother said. "He took off towards Opdyke, stopped at Carriage Circle and took off again."

Mom says her other daughter's longtime boyfriend chased the driver but lost him. So witnesses are key to cracking this.

"If that was my baby laying on the ground I would be just as disappointed as she was that no one even videotaped the guy that was right there, that could have been my baby." said Dawn Hannah, Pontiac Universal Crimes.

"I saw that car tipped on its side, there was a lot of bystanders, people were upset," said Kahlil Lateef.

Reach out to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office if you can help.