Woman dies in Detroit house where more than 20 dogs prevented 911 help

More than 20 dogs were removed from a Detroit home Wednesday morning after the animals delayed emergency response to an owner inside. A woman died inside the home as emergency crews couldn't get to her in time.

We're told the woman slipped and fell and suffered some sort of injury. A 911 call was made around 4 a.m. to the house in the 12000 block of Hamburg Street, which is near E McNichols Road and Gratiot Avenue.

The EMTs couldn't get inside the house, though, because there were so many dogs.

We're told the dogs weren't necessarily vicious, but hadn't ever been outside before or seen other people. Police took precautions and called animal control.

The woman was eventually taken to the hospital and treated but was later pronounced deceased.

More than 20 dogs have been removed from the home, and others inside the home have been helpful with the removal. We're told authorities don't believe this is a hoarder situation but still say the house should probably be condemned as the living conditions are unsafe.

"They setting stuff out on the curb, you can see that it's rotted out, molded, stained up and the stench comes up off of that as well, so I know it's bad in there," says Orlando Jameson, a neighbor. "If I can smell it out here just imagine what they're smelling, and they're living in it."

Police say the dogs are in good condition, despite some having a few minor wounds. The dogs have gone willingly and haven't been vicious towards police or animal control. 

We're told 28 dogs in total were taken from the home.