Woman gets probation for attacking Grosse Pointe Cold Stone employee over ice cream

The woman who threw a scale at a teen worker at the Grosse Pointe Cold Stone Creamery learned her punishment Friday.

Veda Lynn Miller will avoid time behind bars for the assault. Instead, she will spend the next two years on probation for aggravated assault -- domestic violence and malicious destruction of property.

Miller, 44, is a mother and works as a nurse. This was her first run-in with the law.

Police say Miller was upset during her April 27 visit because the strawberry ice cream's portion size was different than it was on her previous visit.

The employees offered her other options, but that wasn't enough. The customer called a 17-year-old employee an expletive then threw flowers and a 25-pound scale at the worker, police said.

Facial recognition technology from the Michigan State Police led to her arrest.

Veda Lynn Miller

Veda Lynn Miller

Therapist Sabrina Jackson called the assault "impulsive rage." She noted while those emotions can get the best of us, it's important to manage them.

"She completely got to the edge and something pushed her over the edge," she said. "We don’t know what she’s been through that day, but often times because she’s a nurse working in that profession during this time. She’s a mother. Mothers became teachers. They’re doing everything. The one little thing she wanted. She could not get, and she lost control."