Therapist calls assault of Grosse Pointe Cold Stone employee 'impulsive aggression'

A Detroit woman is facing charges after police say she threw a scale and flowers at a Grosse Pointe Cold Stone Creamery employee last month.

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Police said facial recognition led them to 44-year-old Veda Lynn Miller, who is now charged with felonious assault, and malicious destruction of property between $200-$1,000.

Miller is accused of assaulting the 17-year-old ice cream shop worker during an argument over portion size April 27. After her arrest and arraignment, she was given a $10,000 personal bond, and she must stay away from the Cold Stone location

An investigator said because Miller is a mother, a nurse, and has a strong family presence, they don’t think she’s a threat.

"She completely got to the edge and something pushed her over the edge," said Sabrina Jackson, a clinical therapist. "We don’t know what she’s been through that day, but often times because she’s a nurse working in that profession during this time. She’s a mother. Mothers became teachers. They’re doing everything. The one little thing she wanted. She could not get, and she lost control."

Jackson called the assault "impulsive rage." She noted while those emotions can get the best of us, it's important to manage them.

"You have to do things to manage your emotions. Be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling. Sometimes we stuff it and stuff it and stuff it. It’s going to rise, and it’s going to come out," she said.