Woman hoarded dozens of cats in Livonia home

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Stepping outside for fresh air, Livonia animal control officers, city inspectors, and police attempt to remove roughly nearly 30 cats from a home on Stanmoor Friday. The foul odor reached the street.

“It's so awful that you have to cover your face. It’s like an ammonia smell mixed with… yeah it's disgusting," said Tracy McChristian, a neighbor.

Livonia police say the previous homeowner called them, after learning that 52-year-old Diana Salva had been staying in the home - likely squatting - with nearly 30 cats and kittens.

"It's just gross. It's unsanitary, it's unhealthy," said McChristian.

Neighbors say they'd seen Salva living in the home with another man.

“They seem like very nice people, but I always felt like they were hiding something.”

Neighbors also say they've called the city several times, noticing more and more cats.

“They leave the window on the side open, and you see them propped up in the window,” said McChristian. “Then they’re always chasing the neighbor’s birds around, jumping in trees, and pooping all over."

Livonia police say the home has no gas or electricity and will have to be sanitized and inspected. Police also learned that Salva had three warrants for her arrest for previous pet problems.

“She had two warrants for not having a cat license, and she had one warrant for having too many cats," said Capt. Robert Nanciarini, of the Livonia Police Department.

While Salva is arraigned Friday and could face more charges, neighbors say they just hope those cats can find better homes.

"I'm glad that the poor cats will be taken away," said Mary Zdrowski, a neighbor.

“To have that many cats, that’s inhumane,” said McChristian. “I feel so bad. It just makes me want to cry."

The City of Livonia has ruled the home uninhabitable. It will be boarding up the windows and securing the home. Animal Control has also set up traps to catch the remaining cats inside.