Woman hurt by falling ceiling tile at Royal Oak bar during Super Bowl halftime show

Even with the Super Bowl halftime show winding down, the music was still playing loud inside a Royal Oak bar Sunday night. So much so, that part of the ceiling even fell down and hit two customers.

Calling it a fluke, the owner of The Rock on Third Bar said it may have been vibrations that knocked a ceiling tile out of the apparatus. 

"The music was playing very loud because that's what everybody wanted because it was halftime," said bar owner John Corradi. "I was running around delivering food when one of my servers told me to come over to booth eight because a ceiling tile had fell."

One man was fine, saying it hit him on the back. But another patron, a woman, was hit on the face.

The bar's owner offered gauze, towels and ice to assit with the injury.

While employees may not know what caused the damage, a contractor came out Monday morning and inspected the ceiling on stilts.