Woman killed in crash after intentionally side swiped

A driver was killed Friday afternoon in Detroit after she was intentionally side-swiped, causing her to crash into a pole and the car to catch on fire. 

Detroit police said the incident happed around 2:30 p.m. Friday near Nevada, south of Packard. 

Police said a witness stated a 49-year-old suspect driving a red Dodge Ram intentionally side swiped the victim driving a black Ford, causing her to strike a pole.

According to police, the pole then fell on top of the victim's vehicle, trapping her inside her vehicle. Live wires set the car on fire and the victim, unable to escape, was killed. 

Neighbors, including Andrew Stewart, said he and others tried to get the woman out of the car but failed.

The suspect lost control of his vehicle and crashed in the area. He was then conveyed to a local hospital and his condition is not known at this time.

This story is developing. Stay with FOX 2 for more information.