Woman killed in crash near car club meet up on Detroit's west side

At least one person was killed early Monday morning on Detroit's west side in a car crash that happened near a car club event. 

We're told the car clubs met up for a birthday celebration around 5 a.m. in the area of Grand River and Ilene when the crash happened. 

"There was a big old boom, and so we just started running into the scene instantly. We didn't think, we just go help," said Elijah Young, whose birthday celebration was happening. 

The crash involved a Dodge Journey and an S-10 pick-up truck.

"We broke both of the doors off each car," Young said. Young and his friends say a man was inside the truck in the driver's seat and a woman was in the passenger's seat.

"One was crunched into the dashboard, one was crunched into the steering wheel. So we yanked it with all our might."

Emergency crews were called to the area. 

"We opened the door for the female but they put her out but we ran to the other side to help the male as he was still crunched in," Wood said.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital. We're told a 30-year-old woman died. A man in the Journey is also recovering right now. 

Police were at the scene investigating for hours Monday morning and the investigation is still ongoing. Right now police are saying the drivers of both vehicles were possibly speeding.