Woman leads Warren police on chase with kids in car, crashes in Detroit

A woman with children in the car crashed on Detroit's east side Thursday morning after leading police on a chase from Warren. 

Officers tried to pull the woman over for a traffic violation shortly before 3 a.m. at 8 Mile and Schoenherr but she didn't stop. She was in a 1998 Ford Ranger truck. 

Police continued to follow the woman, and say she was going at or below the speed limit and still stopping for red lights and stop signs while they were behind her. Police could also see a man in the passenger seat, holding his hands in the air or out the window during the pursuit. 

Police called off the chase at 7 Mile and Mt Elliot, but soon after heard that a woman in a Dodge Avenger had been rear ended. 

Police went to the crash at 7 Mile and Filer Avenue and saw the Ranger on the side of the road nearby. Police took the woman into custody, and say her two kids - ages 2 and 7 - were in the car with her. The kids weren't hurt and police have called Child Protective Services. 

The man had gotten out of the car and ran off. Police aren't sure who he was or where he went, and don't have a description of him at this time. 

The woman in the Dodge Avenger went to the hospital for some minor pains but is expected to be fine.