Woman life-flighted after semi truck driver falls asleep at the wheel on US-23

A woman is in serious condition after she was hit by a semi-truck driver who police said fell asleep while driving Wednesday morning.

The crash happened around 10;30 Wednesday morning when a semi truck in the northbound lanes fell asleep and crashed into another car. The semi then went through cable barriers and the intersection and hit a pickup truck before going off the road.

"He stated to the troopers on scene that he fell asleep and as he fell asleep, the area that he's traveling in, there's a slight curve to the right and as he fell asleep his vehicle continued in a straight line causing him to collide with vehicle that was in left lane," said Michigan State Police Sgt. Robert Mossing.

Both the north and southbound lanes were closed for hours Wednesday. Around 2:30, the northbound lanes reopened

The first car hit was severely mangled and police said the driver is in stable condition. The other driver, in the pickup truck, was treated was treated for more serious injuries.

"The female from Wastenaw County in the southbound vehicle was airlifted and is currently in surgery," said Mossing. "Falling asleep at the wheel is dangerous but when you have a semi truck it can create a lot of damage."

The semi truck landed off the shoulder of US-23. That driver did not suffer any injuries and wasn't taken into custody. 

"I don't want to speculate on any charges," Mossing said. "Once the reports are all in it will be forwarded to Wastenaw County Prosecutor's Office and they'll make the determination on charges

The name that appears on the semi truck is Road Express LLC. FOX 2 reached out to the company but we are still waiting on a response.