Woman loses hat in street, hit and killed trying to retrieve it

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A deadly mistake in Warren. A woman who tried to retrieve her hat that blew off in the wind was hit by a truck and killed Thursday night.

The accident happened on Nine Mile near Van Dyke when two women were walking to the M&M Market store to purchase Michigan Lottery tickets.

Linda Carr walked to the store with her 54 year old friend Eudeena. When they were leaving, a strong gust of wind blew Eudeena's hat off her head. At the same time a pickup truck was headed east coming down Nine Mile.

"Her name was Eudeena, I was walking to the store with her," said Linda Carr, her friend. "She lost her hat, she was going after her hat, and the truck hit her."

Linda was stunned and Eudeena was rocked right out of her shoes and killed instantly. Linda was also hit by the passing pickup.

"I tried to get her and I got hit in the arm," she said.

The driver of the Chevrolet Silverado stopped and tried to help Eudeena but there was no sign of life. Warren first responders pronounced Eudeena dead in the street.

Carr said she never saw the truck coming.

Warren Police say the pickup truck driver stayed with the women and is fully cooperating. They say the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or a substance.

While chasing the windblown hat the women were jaywalking in the dark and not crossing at an intersection cross walk.

"She was a very nice person," said Douglas Odisho. "She spent time with my kids."

Odisho heard there was a bad accident and came to the scene. He knew the woman in the neighborhood as Dee.

"My kids have autism and she spent time with them and played cards with them," Odisho said. "She was a really nice person, never said anything bad to anybody and just kind of stayed to herself.

"I can't believe this happened, I don't know what the driver was doing."

Investigators don't know if the truck was speeding.

CLICK HERE for a GoFundMe that has been started to pay for Eudeena's funeral arrangements.