Woman mistakenly thought to have stolen money at Ecorse grocery store

A woman who picked up an envelope full of cash at a supermarket wants people to know she's not a thief.

A customer at Big Star Food Center in Ecorse dropped the envelope containing nearly $1,100 dollars. Another customer, Juanita Miller, picked it up and walked out. After security footage was released, her face was all over TV and online.

The woman said she didn't want to give the money to the store staff because she didn't trust any of them. The envelope had a Citizens Bank logo, so she took it to the bank in Lincoln Park. She also called the police to report the missing money.

She said she's been harassed on Facebook, but she did the right thing.

"Next time I see something lying around or something, I'm walking right by it," she told FOX 2 News. "I thought I was doing something right. Shame on the people on Facebook and the people that were so-called my friends."