Woman raped and robbed in Allen Park break-in

An intruder breaks into a woman's home in Allen Park and sexually assaults her.

Now police are asking for your help to track him down.

 Allen Park police say early Monday morning someone climbed in an unlocked window and raped the woman inside.

 The suspect told his victim he had a weapon and threatened to kill her if she struggled or called police.

The suspect also robbed the victim's purse and fled in the area of Outer Drive and Southfield Road.

He is described as a thin white male, about 5 feet, 7 inches, in his late 20s. He was said to have a strong cigarette odor.

Nearly everyone FOX 2 spoke with Monday had no idea that this break-in and sexual assault even happened. But many neighbors who say they are not surprised to hear about it - as break-ins have become a common occurrence.

Many Allen Park residents living near Southfield and Outer Drive want to see things get better.

"We are actually yelling and telling them get out of here," said Steve Atanasovski. "We're not going to put up with this."

Atanasovski is one of the people trying to do something about it. He and so many others living in the area are so disturbed to hear of the latest crime to take place in their neighborhood.

The details of the crime ring a little too familiar to some and it's scary to see them escalate to violent attacks.

"They are letting the kids do whatever they want, we've had home invasions with people covering license plates with bags," said Atanasovski. "We've had raids over here. We need the parents to step up because the kids are running the houses and that's not right right now."

The question is what can be done about it. Some think the police can't do it alone.

"We know who it is in the community," Atanasovski said. "We know, we sit here and watch them running with the hoses, running with microwaves. We all watch from our windows. Everyone is afraid to talk up."

If you have information call Allen Park police at (313) 386-7800.