Woman receiving death threats after her photo was wrongly posted to story of dog stabbing

"It's not me, I didn't commit no crime. I didn't stab no dog. It's not me." 

That's the statement that Davida Reed of Detroit finds herself echoing more and more to people after a story talking about an alleged stabbing incident used her photo as the person accused.

"It's disturbing. It's dangerous," she added.

The original story was seen on Fox 2 Wednesday night, later getting aggregated on MI Headlines, which shared the story with the correct photo of 26-year-old Bridgette Hubbard. However, after Reed commented on the story a few hours later, she said her phone started blowing up.

"I just happened to go on Facebook yesterday. I was scrolling and I see my picture on there," said Reed.

She originally thought it was a mistake or a joke. But the messages just kept coming in.

"But then it was still up - I kept going and clicking on the link, it was my picture. I clicked on it - my picture clear as day," she said. "They were calling me a dog. Saying 'welcome to the prison yard,' saying 'I should've got stabbed in the neck three times.'"

Reed's father even called her in the middle of the night, worried after receiving several calls as well. Reed had to reassure him that it wasn't her.

Reed said she commented on the story twice, telling whoever ran the website the wrong photo was up. But her comments were quickly deleted.

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"I believe that they knew they were in the wrong then but hours had passed, then a whole day," said Reed.

It would take 24 hours before the photo would be changed. But by then, the damage had been done.

"People are still commenting, arguing back and forth. People keep tagging me," said Reed.

FOX 2 reached out to the man who appears to be running the website but has not heard back. However, that man did post an apology on the site Friday.

Reed said she has filed a report with the Detroit Police Department and has contacted an attorney.

"They should be ashamed of themselves," she said. "Now the world sees my picture and they think I'm some attacker, they think that I stabbed somebody's dog."