Woman says tires dumped on street just days after city cleared it

Tires on Detroit's east side are piling up where they shouldn't be - but the people who are dumping them picked the wrong street as the neighbors are fighting back.

A community activist is on a mission to clean up her street. So when Scemja Thompson saw some illegal dumping, she called FOX 2. 

"I witnessed two guys fishing the tires in the driveway off the truck," Thompson said. "I ran into the house to get my phone upon doing that, they sped out the driveway. So I got into my car and follow them and saw them up at Frank's Auto Center and they were parked on the side of his building and they were stacking up the trucks again."

As she was telling us what was happening, guess what we saw. She said the same truck showed up. 

Thompson said the truck pulled up and she saw one man dumping tires on her street. The man refused to identify himself but was adamant about not being involved in the dumping. 

"Why would I do some s*** like that? You go to jail for that," the man said.

He said he's not affiliated with Frank's Auto Center and that we went there to get tires on his car. But Thompson says that's not true.

"The guy is in denial but I have the truck on my phone," she said.

Thompson says she is upset because on Wednesday the city had crews in the neighborhood hauling away illegally dumped tires.

Thompson says she thinks she has a solution to stop the dumping.

"I want Frank dealt with because he knows better," she said. 

FOX 2 spoke with the owner of Frank's Auto Center, Frank Hachem, who said her allegations aren't true.

"I have all kinds of receipts where I physically pay for them to get dumped," Hachem said.

He said the tires that he dumps are dropped at the shredder.

When we showed him video of one of the men Thompson says she saw dumping tires and then drove back to Frank's Auto Center, Hachem says this man does not work for him but he was at his shop last week.

"He picked up tires but i got receipts for them. If he's dumping them, he's dumping them illegally. That's not on me," Hachem said.

Detroit Police say they are working to find out who is dumping the tires and will hold any party responsible accountable for breaking law.