Sisters seek help after car crashes into their home

On Wednesday, Christa Madlock says she received a call from her sister Danielle Madlock saying a car had crashed into their house while she and the kids were sleeping. 

"I'm just waking them up, and I'm throwing them out the house because I don't know what to do. I'm scared, and then the lady her windshield was on top of her, and I said, are you ok? She's hurt too, and the car was on the stove; I smelled gas. I was scared because I thought it was going to blow up," says Danielle. 

The sisters say the person who lives across the street from them was the one who was responsible for the crash. 

"She said her car malfunctioned, and it was out of control, and she couldn't do nothing. She didn't hurt nobody, and I'm grateful to be alive, but we have nowhere to live," says Danielle. 

The sisters say now that the initial shock has worn off, they are trying to figure out their next steps. 

"I  wish I could change this situation.I really do," says Christa.  

There has been a GoFundMe created for the family. Click here to support.