Woman seriously injured from power line in banner plane crash landing, dies

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Theresa Surles was injured from a power line brought down by plane crash.

The woman seriously injured from a downed power line following a crash landing of a plane in Detroit, has died.

Theresa Surles, 38,  died from Wednesday evening. She had been shocked by the electrical line which was brought down when an 18-year-old pilot ran out gas and crash landed a small banner plane on the east side.

The incident happened at Shoemaker and Cooper on Detroit's east side June 27. Surles was outside her apartment building at the time.

Relative Lisa Jones English posted this message on Facebook:

"My god-daughter's mother, Theresa Surles passed away today. All because that young man who was driving that airplane without gas. The wire hit her in her chest and she was hospitalized from day that until today.

"She never regained consciousness. Yes he had to make an emergency landed but a life has been taken away from her 6 children, 2 grandbabies, a grandbaby on the way, from her family and friends. His negligence caused a death and that is not fair. Until we see each other again, all will be well."

The family has a GoFundMe - CLICK HERE to donate to them.

The pilot, 18-year-old Seth Killian, was towing a banner over the Ford Fireworks festivities when he crash landed trying to get to Detroit City Airport. He was uninjured.

Funeral plans have not been announced yet.