Woman's car she uses to transport people in need, stolen on Detroit's west side

It's one thing if someone steals your car and you rely on it, but for one Detroit woman - so many others rely on her vehicle, too.

"I went to go get Chinese food, I was probably gone like 30 to 40 minutes and when I came back with my friend, my car was gone," said Ivory. "And the first thing I asked was where’s my car."

By the time a friend drove Ivory home along West Chicago on the city's west side last Tuesday, she says her Chrysler 200 was stolen. It is the car she uses for her business, First Choice Express Transportation.

"I help mothers get their kids to school, helping senior citizens get to dialysis and even people who are disabled," Ivory said. "So I’m trying to break barriers in the local community."

She thinks of all the neighbors who rely on that car, to get from one place to another.

"I had to reach out, and I also made it public about putting everything on hold," she said. "I did reach out to my clients who did pay a deposit for this upcoming week. I did inform them of the situation immediately as soon as everything happened."

She says this to the person responsible.

"You kind of like ruined me a little bit," Ivory said. "I’ve been kind of sad, but I am remaining hopeful."

Police at DPD's Sixth Precinct are investigating.