Worker pinned by falling granite slabs at same warehouse where 2 men were killed in 2019 accident

Slabs of granite fell on an employee at a Sterling Heights warehouse - but fortunately, he will recover. But, it's the same company where two workers were killed in a similar accident - nearly two years ago.

Sterling Heights Assistant Fire Chief Ed Miller was there. when rescue crews recovered the bodies of the two employees at  Stone Warehouse. They were rushed to death - by granite slabs weighing about 1,000 pounds apiece.

"You remember the address, you remember the name of the place - and what happened previously," he said. "It's sad." 

The men were using a crane to lift slabs off a rack. Other slabs tipped, creating a domino effect. They died instantly. 

Then, just two days ago at the same Stone Warehouse, another employee crushed and his legs pinned.  

"Luckily some of his co-workers were able to lift some of the weight off and then our crews came and used airbags to life the rest of the weight off of him," Miller said.  

The man is in critical - but stable condition.  

After the fatal incident in 2019,  Stone Warehouse was shut down for five months. Multiple violations were cited by MIOSHA and the Sterling Heights Fire Department.  

"They did make corrections and we did allow them to reopen, but we are investigating again after this incident," he said. 

This time - they're still open. Miller says - their investigation found no violations. 

MIOSHA tells FOX 2 - there is an open investigation and it will take weeks, if not months to conclude.

Stone Warehouse is based in Tampa, with multiple locations. A representative did not respond for comment in time for this story.