Workers outside brave extreme temperatures in the cold

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It's a cold job but someone's got to do it.

Men and women across Detroit are working hard for the money and let's be honest in many cases - they'd rather be somewhere else.

FOX 2: "What does your day look like out here?"

"Freezing, freezing cold," said one outdoor worker.

Concrete work for the M-1 rail line will be sidelined this week  after Tuesday - the bitter cold is killing the equipment

A few miles north on Woodward, Lady Liberty is offering $50 to do your taxes and sharing with us the secret to how she stays warm.

Lady Liberty deals with the cold weather by staying focused," said Alicia Bell. 

FOX 2: "And keeping moving?"

"Yeah you see me pacing," she said.

Bell dressed as the Statue of Liberty, added she would not want to have the job of a postal worker in this kind of cold.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers.

But the cold will keep them from having conversations.

DTE Energy worker Todd Ambrose talked about how some challenges come with the territory.

 "We've got to keep the lights burning bright," Ambrose said. "We've got to keep the meter spinning and help the people."

DTE crews are all too used to it

Ambrose and his boys are keeping the lights on in the Boston Edison district.

"Well you got to dress for the weather, dress for the elements," Ambrose said.

But the toughest job to have in the cold is having no job at all.

FOX 2: "Having much luck out here today?"

"No sir, not at all," said Reno Royals, a homeless man. 

Hard luck sounds unfitting for a guy named Reno Royals.

Even so, his lot is a tough one.

"It's rough being out here man," Royals said. "It's rough. And cold. Very cold, very cold."

Now the privilege of working in it, doesn't seem so bad.