Worthy: Woman whose baby died from drowning was drinking

The mother of a child 18 days’ old found dead in a bathtub was charged with involuntary manslaughter and second-degree child abuse. 

Jaila Thomas, 22, allegedly had been drinking when she woke up Monday morning and found her newborn baby unresponsive in a bathtub full of water. 

On Thursday the Wayne County Prosecutor released a scathing statement: "Do I really have to say this?  Don't attempt to care for any infant while you're intoxicated," Kym Worthy said.

The great-aunt of the baby, named Lauren, said that she is still in shock.

"I was in disbelief," said the woman who gave her name as Aisha. "I couldn't believe I was getting this phone call. How, like, why. How did this happen?

"There was a support system there. If you needed someone to get the baby, (we) were just a phone call, a drive away. I hope she gets the help she needs."

Prosecutors allege that Thomas was drinking and alone in her apartment Monday morning in the 19630 block of Schoenherr when she found her 18-day-old daughter, Lauren Williams, unresponsive and floating in the bathtub. 

The mom was arrested after she called police to her apartment. Medics were also called, and they were unable to revive the baby girl. 

The prosecutor's office says the baby died of drowning inside the apartment,

Prosecutor Worthy said, "The alleged facts in this case are appalling. This baby was only in this world for eighteen days. Do I really have to say this?  Don't attempt to care for any infant when you are intoxicated. This shouldn't happen if a person is 'a little' intoxicated.  Please don't do it."

Police haven't said yet how they suspect the baby got into the tub.

"She didn't have an opportunity to put a real impact on the world," Aisha said. "What would she have done, what would she have been."

Neighbors say the child had been perfectly healthy.


Mother taken into custody after newborn dies in bathtub

Detroit mom charged after 18-day-old baby dies in bathtub

"Very healthy," said one neighbor. "She grabbed my finger and she had a strong grip."

Thomas was arraigned later Thursday morning, and received a $150,000 cash/surety bond. She's due in court again on Sept. 12.