Wrong place, wrong time? Passenger in chase recently released from prison

Viewers saw it as breaking news Tuesday when three alleged shoplifters led police on a high-speed chase through several communities during the evening rush.

One of the suspect's relatives is telling her side of the story to FOX 2.

The chase started in Lincoln Park and went through River Rouge, Detroit and finally forced off the road.

Rose Konczal watched the video of her 69-year-old uncle Raymond Dean being pulled from the car. He was in the backseat, his daughter 38-year-old Patricia Bradley was the front seat passenger and her boyfriend was driving.

"Just watching them throw him on the ground, he's throwing him on the ground, he's 70 years old almost," she said.

Konczal doesn't know just what happened - but she says her uncle is innocent.

"I can imagine him in the backseat screaming please just stop and let me out," Konczal said. "He would never do anything to jeopardize his freedom."

That's because he only recently regained his freedom after spending 38 years behind bars for murder.

"He just got out - he's been in prison almost 40 years," she said. "He's trying to do right. He's been visiting with his family. There's nothing in this world he would do to go back to that.

"He's been in there 38 years."

Lincoln Park police have submitted a warrant to the Wayne County Prosecutors Office. It's not clear yet who will be charged or what those charges might be.