'You are worth it': Lt. Gov Gilchrist fires up striking workers at Detroit picketing march

At Hart Plaza — with General Motors Headquarters in the background — union members on strike gathered in Detroit’s March for Worker’s Rights and Economic Justice on Thursday.

"Just listening to the health care workers, to the autoworkers, listening to the Blue Cross Blue Shield workers, all of our issues align, they’re the same," said Nia Winston, union representative. "That’s what brings us together. That’s the thread that holds us tight."

At the top of the list — they want an increase in wages. But they also want something you can’t put put a price tag on — and that’s respect

"You can see it, our time is - what better time than now," said Marquise Vinson. "After the pandemic, after they made their money, why can’t we get our money? That’s how I feel about it."

Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist was there, speaking words of encouragement.

"However long it takes, this movement is worth it, because you are worth it," he said.

While it may be worth it — it certainly isn’t easy. Picketing workers are forced to get by on-strike pay, just $500 a week.

"We're standing strong, we’re out here, rain, sleet, snow, we’re here, we’re united as one, we're solid let’s go," said Ashley Stewart.

"We're going to fight, we're going to win," said a speaker at the rally. "And don't forget that."