You can plan a marriage proposal at the Detroit Zoo for $150

It's not called animal magnetism for nothing. 

But apparently being surrounded by wildlife can definitely promote that innate attraction we all feel toward that special someone. But perhaps you haven't found the right time to verbalize that commitment. Or maybe no place has felt right. Or maybe you really just don't like commitment.

Well, the Detroit Zoo has the perfect time and place for you to rid yourself of that hesitation.

You can literally pay staff at the Detroit Zoological Society to help organize a marriage proposal during its annual Wild Lights display for $150.

“We’re thrilled so many couples have chosen the Detroit Zoo as a place to celebrate this momentous occasion,” said Gerry VanAcker, DZS chief operating officer in a news release. “Wild Lights is a perfect place to pop the question because the lights and sights create such a romantic atmosphere.”

Apparently, the musk of wild animal excrement and howls of excited mammals is enough to prompt dozens of couples to pick the Detroit Zoo as the location to cement their love forever and always. 

Now in its seventh year, Wild Lights provides that subliminal influence of passion with its red swirling lights that form the words "Marry Me" on its wetland boardwalk.

Risk-takers have until Jan. 5 to make the commitment by calling (248) 541-5717 ext. 3301.

Oh, but that's not all. For everyone who has already settled, er, promised their heart to their betrothed, they can also get married at the zoo. Featuring several exotic wedding venues from its interpretive gallery to the penguin conservation center and the wetlands boardwalk, you really can't go wrong. 

But if you do take the plunge and are looking for inspiration, you might find it here: One metro Detroit couple's dinosaur wedding for example.

So stop denying your programming and just do it already.

Jack Nissen is a reporter with FOX 2 Detroit. You can contact him at (248) 552-5269 or at