Young mother of 2 killed after being run down in Mt. Clemens

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A young mother of two killed outside her home in Mount Clemens when she was run over by a vehicle and left for dead.

"My daughter's in a coma on life support - and we made the decision to take her off,"

It is a mother's heartbreak for Cheryl Simmons over the loss of her child, 27-year-old Julie Williamson.  She was run over around 4:30 a.m. Sunday July 10 outside this home in Mount Clemens; her injuries were too serious to survive.

"She had every rib broken but two, her lungs were collapsed, she had broken collarbones," Simmons said. "Road burn from one side all the way down to the bottom of her hip bone.

"Lack of oxygen to the brain and the brain had multiple strokes," said her father.

"She was run over - literally just ran over," Cheryl Simmons said.

And now she's gone, taken off life support over the weekend. Her kidneys were the only organs able to be donated.

Julie left behind two beautiful children and loved ones wondering, who would want to hurt her.

"Everything's a mystery - we have no exact story of what happened," Simmons said.

The Macomb County Sheriff says the case is still under investigation and there has been no arrests or charges.

But Julie's family suspects a recent boyfriend was involved - an abusive relationship - and her mother is urging anyone in a similar situation - to seek help.

"Anybody having trouble with domestic violence, please ask for help - ask anybody - get out - please," Simmons said.

And as they wait for answers from investigators, they turn their attention to Julie's two children - 2-year-old Ariana and 9-year-old Tyler, the family holding a fundraiser Thursday night to help support these two little kids now growing up - without a mom.

"All proceeds will go to the kids, in a trust fund for them," Simmons said.

The fundraiser is 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday at the Hub Sports Bistro at 21 Mile and Garfield in Macomb.

You can also donate to the family's GoFundMe page CLICK HERE.