Young woman disabled from gang shooting celebrates 10 years as a survivor

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Dreia Davis said she feels amazing - snapping her response and always positive.

On this day she celebrated an anniversary some people would rather forget

"She's a fighter, she never gives up, she always has a good and positive attitude," said Curtis White, her father. "She's a good girl and deserves her day - this is her day."

Monday marked 10 years since Dreia Davis was shot in the head and nearly killed by a gang member on Eureka in Detroit - she was just an innocent bystander talking to her friends.

FOX 2: "How are you feeling?"

"I feel good - how do you feel?"

FOX 2: "I'm good."

"Hi Detroit I haven't seen you in a while, how are you?" she said, looking at the camera.

We first covered her story a decade ago, then reintroduced you to her back in 2015 when Dreia and her dad, were in desperate need of a new home that was wheelchair accessible - and Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries gave them a house on Detroit's east side.

Now Dreia is 23 years old and is still going to school and still hoping to walk again one day.

"It's a challenge every day, but it's also a blessing every day," White said. "Sometimes you have to take the bad and make it into a positive and that's what we're doing.

"That's the amazing thing to me, is all the challenges that she has for her to still be so positive."

"There were days that I was kind of down and she would pick me up," said Doris Terry, Dreia's nurse. "She's a fantastic young woman.

Doris Terry has been Dreia's nurse since 2013, she's watched Dreia grow into the young woman she is today - someone they love and - on this anniversary - love to celebrate.

"Oh my god - it's just - just never giving up," White said. "Just look at her - that's a story of never giving up."


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A high-five and an I love you - between a father and daughter with a bond beyond the norm.

"I love you more," White said.

"I love you more," she said.

Dreia's family needs a van or minivan for transportation. They received a donated one a few years ago but it died on them. Anyone who can help should email