Ypsilanti rapper’s song explodes on Tik Tok thanks to viral dance challenge

A Metro Detroit rapper’s song has become a viral hit on the video app Tik Tok.

Polo Frost’s track "Best Ever" is being used on videos, including Tik Toks by rapper Lizzo, as well as "Hell’s Kitchen" star Gordon Ramsey and his daughter.

Gordon Ramsey and his daughter dance to Polo Frost's track.

"My daughter and my little cousin told my mom that it was all over Tik Tok, and my mom called me and was like, ‘They said your song is all over Tik Tok,’" he said. "I’m like what song?"

Frost, whose real name is Deonte Grantham, released the song nearly five years ago.

"I didn’t think it was a song that was 4.5 years old," he said. "Sure enough, it was ‘Best Ever’ all over again.’"

The song was being used for a viral challenge in January. When celebrities got in on it, it blew up once again.

Rapper Lizzo dances to "Best Ever."

"Millions of videos on Tik Tok, hundreds of millions of views. It’s crazy. It’s a blessing," he said.

The song had done well on YouTube years ago, but its new popularity comes as Polo Frost was dropping an album. The Ypsilanti native recently released "Vaccine."

The name came from just everything that’s going on, and I made a lot of the music during the pandemic, and I personally do support the vaccine," he said. "I feel like my music is good for everybody. It makes you feel good. I feel like I have the cure to bad times."

One video on Tik Tok included a child dancing to the song in a hospital.

"Oh my goodness, you want to talk about heartwarming. It’s like this kid is going through everything in the world right now and they’re enjoying something I made," he said.