Bee-ware! Swarm of bees causes delay at Diamondbacks-Dodgers game

The Arizona Diamondbacks' game was delayed because of an invasion of bees that formed a hive in the netting behind home plate.

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PHOENIX, ARIZONA - APRIL 30: Detail of a bee colony formed on the netting behind home plate causing a start delay for the MLB game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Chase Field on April 30, 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The game was halted during the first inning after the bees became so disruptive that players could not stay in the area near home plate without fighting off the attacks.

Fans in the front rows were also evacuated because of the swarm.

A man in a full beekeeper outfit was brought out on an accordion platform and appeared to be working on fumigating the hive that developed. 

The delay lasted nearly two hours before the bees finally buzzed off, but some fans (animals) were enjoying the pause.

The D-backs won the game in extra innings on a walk-off homerun by Christian Walker.

Has this happened before?

In 2014, a swarm of bees interrupted a game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. 

Another game was halted in 2019 between the Miami Marlins and San Diego Padres.

Just last year in 2023, a game between the Colorado Rockies and Baltimore Orioles was delayed because of a swarm at Camden Yards, home of the Orioles.

So yes, this has happened before, but not too often.

In March, a notable tennis match between Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz and German Alexander Zverez was delayed because of bees at a tournament at Indian Wells in California.