SportsWorks: Dan Miller, Jamie Samuelsen, Sean Baligian & Greg Kampe

FOX 2's Sports Director Dan Miller was joined by Jamie Samuelsen & Sean Baligian Sunday night on the SportsWorks roundtable as they started with the Tigers and how it's been "feast or famine" with this team as they try and survive without a couple key players.  They talked how the bullpen is struggling and they don't have many options.  The crew also talked how big this upcoming series against the Indians are. 

Lions were next on the docket as they broke down Bob Quinn' second draft at the helm.  They talked how Jarrad Davis was the safer pick over Reuben Foster who has many red flags.  The guys also went over why they didn't draft a running back and how good this defensive line could be.  

Oakland University Head Coach Greg Kampe joined Dan Miller and spoke about the doubleheader coming up at Little Caesars Arena.  They then went on to a great charity event called 'Coaches Beat Cancer' and it's a chance for you to bid to play golf and do other things with coaches in NBA and college basketball.  How it's an "unbelievable experience" and you get to hang out with all the coaches.  Click here for more information.    

Make sure to watch SportsWorks at 11pm every Sunday.