SportsWorks: Dan Miller, Pat Caputo, Sean Baligian & Tim McCormick

FOX 2's Sports Director Dan Miller was joined by Tim McCormick to talk about Michigan State and how they are right on track on where they want to be.  Tim talked how Cassius Winston is leading them and when he plays like this, they don't need as much from others.  Tim also talked how Tom Izzo compared Winston to a legend.  The guys moved on to Michigan and how they are playing at the top of their game right now.

They also talked about the Yahoo! report of corruption in college basketball.

Pat Caputo & Sean Baligian then joined Dan on the roundtable as they talked Pistons and their blowout loss in Charlotte on Sunday.  Sean talks how there is no sense of urgency while Pat brings up how there is no energy around this team including at LCA.  Pat also talks how this could be the end of Stan Van Gundy.  Dan talks how it might not matter when Reggie Jackson comes back because they might be so far out of it.

Red Wings were next up on the roundtable and how they are only five points out of the playoffs.  Sean talks how they are already way behind on their rebuild and need to sell at the trade deadline Monday.  They broke down what the Wings have to do to get back on the right track.  

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