SportsWorks: Woody Woodriffe, Bob Wojnowski & Pat Caputo

FOX 2's Woody Woodriffe was joined by Bob Wojnowski & Pat Caputo on the roundtable as they talked about the Lions win in Arizona over the Cardinals.  Pat says he thought they played reasonably hard today and at times they had good run blocking.  Wojo says this game was to be expected and he says some pieces on defense are starting to come together.  Pat says Snacks Harrison was a great pick up by Bob Quinn.  Wojo says Jarrad Davis seems to be learning, but there aren't too many positives.

Pistons next on the rundown as they lost to the Pelicans on Sunday.  Pat talks how the Pistons are playing better teams now.  Wojo says they aren't consistent and are too easy to defend.  Pat says they need a point guard and that's not what Reggie Jackson is.  Wojo jokes that Blake Griffin is the point guard.

Red Wings were also on the docket as they broke down their loss to the Islanders.  Wojo says he likes watching the WIngs scrap and they have been more feisty.  Wojo also says they are a tiny bit ahead on the rebuild.  Pat says they have a young core and are exciting.

Michigan hoops being 10-0 was also talked about.  Wojo says they've picked off right where they let off last year.  Pat says players have got better and bringing in Iggy Brazdeikis was huge.

Michigan State hoops was broken down and how Tom Izzo is getting a lot from their guys.  Pat says they have a depth issue in the backcourt.

They also talked about how Jim Harbaugh said he isn't going anywhere.  The crew gave their thoughts on it.

Lions Game Night came on as the guys looked ahead to the Bills and what the team needs to do to finish the season on a high note.

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