SportsWorks: Woody Woodriffe, Pat Caputo & John Niyo

FOX 2's Woody Woodriffe was joined by Pat Caputo & John Niyo on the roundtable to talk about the Tigers taking two out of three against the Mariners.  The guys talked about who has been playing well and how its "refreshing" to see this enthusiasm.  They also brought up what having Ron Gardenhire in charge has done to this clubhouse.  

Next on the rundown was the Matt Patricia accusation.  The crew said they were surprised it hasn't come up before and how the Lions didn't know about it.   They talked who looks bad in this whole situation and how this could change the way teams go about their business when vetting people.    

NBA Playoffs was next on the roundtable and the Celtics taking it to the Cavs in game one.  

The Pistons also were talked about and what is going on with their management search.  Pat talked how they really don't seem to have a direction.  John says everything should've been done by now and shouldn't have taken so long to make any decisions.  

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