WATCH: Cabrera 'I want to find my power back' and much more

Tigers' star Miguel Cabrera spoke to the media Wednesday in the middle of seven game losing streak.

"It's's where I am right now," Cabrera said. "My job is to go out there and don't think about that. Try to play hard. Try to help the Tigers win."

Cabrera, 36, is hitting. 297, but the future hall of fame power hitter only has one home run through 45 games played this season.

"I want to find my power back. I feel like I can produce more."

He added that he is getting closer and hitting more fly balls.

"I'm going to get my adjustment and try to get better at bats."

After only playing in 38 games last season due to a rupture in his left biceps tendon, the two time AL MVP says he wasn't ready for the start fot this season.

"I thought I was ready for the season...the game was too fast for me. I got to do a lot of adjustment this season."

Watch the full interview here as he goes into detail about his power struggles, his thoughts on hitting power vs. average, his future, hitting certain career marks and much more.

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