CiticLEE Speaking: Reviewing 'Inside Out 2,' 'Tuesday,' 'Treasure' and more

This week on CiritcLEE Speaking: Lee Thomas breaks down why Julia Louis-Dreyfus's "Tuesday" movie may be the worst movie he has seen this year, alongside The Detroit News' Film Critic Adam Graham. They also discuss the new sequel, "Inside Out 2," Lena Dunham's heartfelt movie "Treasure" surrounding the Holocaust, and other new movies.

CriticLee's view on Oppenheimer

It is a back to back CriticLee review Friday and this is Lee Thomas's take on Christopher Nolan's latest directed movie "Oppenheimer".

CriticLEE speaks his take on "Barbie"

Lee Thomas is back and he has a lot to say about the latest box office breaker "Barbie". Starring Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling. See what he rates the movie and if you should grab pink from your closet and head over to a theater near you to watch to see this highly anticipated film.

CriticLEE's top 10 movies of 2021

Top 10 lists are subjective. Opinions guide the rankings, regardless of their Rotten Tomato score or budget or viewership when in theaters. But, CriticLEE speaking, you could do worse than to kick off the new year with some movies from Lee Thomas's top 10 list.