Recipe: Andiamo Trancia Salmone con Funghi


32 oz Salmon fillets

to taste salt and pepper

2 fl oz olive 100% oil

1 lb wild mushrooms

4 oz leek

1 tsp minced garlic

4 fl oz Chablis wine

6 fl oz heavy cream

4 fl oz Chicken Stock Base

1 tsp basil dried spice

¼ cup fresh basil

1 tbl unsalted butter

to taste salt and pepper

1 tsp lemon juice


1. Portion the salmon into 4 equal portions, trimmed of blood line, and any spine or bones.

2. Heat skillet with the olive oil, place over medium-high heat.

3. Season the salmon after blotting with a paper towel with salt and pepper.

4. Sear the salmon well on both sides.

5. Add the garlic, leeks and mushrooms and saute.

6. Deglaze with the white wine and allow to reduce by half.

7. Add the crème and chicken stock, bring to the simmer, then reduce heat to gentle simmer.

8. Finish cooking the salmon in the sauce to a temperature of 145 F.

9. As the sauce is simmering, add the herbs, spices and lemon juice.

10. Remove the salmon from the pan and place carefully onto heated plates.

11. Return the pan to the fire, finish sauce with a nugget of whole butter.

12. Adjust seasoning as needed, then divide the sauce evenly over the four portions.