A taste of summer Monday followed by cooler weather this week

Get ready for the good stuff this week. 

A taste of summer today will be followed by some cooler, yet continued pleasant weather the rest of the week. 

Most importantly, we don't get much, if any rain. Here's how today looks.

The wind will pick up ahead of a cold front that will draw in more moisture (a touch muggier by afternoon) and slip through this evening. 

This front will have trouble generating much rain with it as it will be fighting a layer of dry air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere that will limit rain. 

So! Plan on dry conditions but know a spotty shower will be possible late afternoon/evening. 

Check out one of our high-resolution models, which ain't spittin' out much. PICTURE HRRR 3 KM FUTURECAST ALAN

Temperatures fade behind the front, but we're still looking good with highs in the low 70's the rest of the week. 

Looking toward next weekend, models are hinting at a return of some rain, which I'm not quite sold on yet, so I'll go dry for now. 

But! We may have to change that as the week moves on.