Cold front brings threat of severe weather Friday evening

This type of weather pattern is more indicative of late Spring than late February, but this winter has been nothing short of strange. After a week of record-breaking high temperatures we knew we would eventually have to pay for it -- and we will tonight with the threat of severe weather.

A strong cold front will track across the Midwest this evening, slamming a mass of cold air into the warm air. This collision will create enough instability to bring the following major threats to us:

  • Isolated Tornadoes
  • Large Hail
  • Gusty Winds Over 50 mph
  • Lightning & Thunder

When will it start?

That will all depend on when the cold front will slide across the state.

It is safe to say right now that the best chance for the severe weather is between 6 p.m. and midnight. You can check out these radar images below to get a better picture: 

Before then, the atmosphere will continue to become warm and moist and immediately afterward it will become cooler, drier and windier.

You can always track the severe weather alerts as they happen with our free Fox 2 Weather App.

The Weather Authority will be tracking the storm all day long, bringing you updates on social media.