Storm chances brewing this weekend in Michigan

After a few rumbles of thunder heard very early Friday morning, we can plan for a much drier day.  

Friday will look and feel similar to Thursday, which is to say it'll be hot and sunny with a touch of humidity (but not too bad). The highs will climb to 90 degrees with a slight touch of humidity in the air.

Heading into the weekend the weather patterns turn more unstable as storms begin to flair up. A large storm system will track through Southwest Michigan early Saturday morning with a few pieces of energy breaking off and affecting us.  

This means we will likely see some Saturday morning showers here in Southeast Michigan earlier in the day. The afternoon looks drier, hot and muggy with a forecast of 90 degrees and feeling closer to 93.

Saturday night into early Sunday morning things will get interesting. Another strong storm system will develop, this time from Wisconsin and travel over Lake Michigan to impact most of the state.

The storms will bring lots of lightning, heavy rain, and strong gusty winds overnight and early Sunday morning. The storms will continue to fire up at times throughout the day making any plans a bit dicey...I wouldn't cancel anything but I certainly would keep an eye to the sky as these storms come and go.

Anyone heading up north this weekend will need to also watch these storms, since they'll impact most of the state.  Campers especially should be very careful.