Extremely icy start Friday with freezing temperatures all day

It's an extremely icy and dangerous start to our Friday thanks to that freezing rain last night. 

Ice has coated roadways, sidewalks, cars and steps early this morning and Metro Detroiters should be cautious when walking on any untreated surface. Slips and falls will be common today.

We begin our day with temperatures in the low 20s and wind chills in the 10 degree range. Unfortunately, we only warm up to 28 degrees, which is below freezing - meaning the ice will not melt on its own. 

Treated surfaces should be fine, but any untreated surfaces will likely stay icy until we head into the weekend. 

Take an extra minute to scrape all of your windshield off even though it will be difficult.  But without Mother Nature aiding in melting that ice, whatever you don't scrape will just hinder you later in the day on that drive home from work.

The weekend will be dry and milder as we climb to 43 degrees with sunny skies on Saturday. Sunday is milder still as we make a run at 50 but probably top out in the upper 40s. More clouds are also expected Sunday.

Next week remains in the low 40s with another chance for showers starting Tuesday.