Metro Detroit weather: 1-2 inches of rain today, with more rain tomorrow

Wet and windy weather wins out the next two days, with subtle differences between the two. 

Let's start with today:

Light to moderate rain will be around through the commute, with some breaks at times, but I imagine the rain will be more on than off today. 

Severe weather is NOT in the forecast, though a storm may develop, enhancing the rain. We'll keep the rain going at least off and on Friday before shutting it down late in the day. Rain totals will be solid, settling between an inch and two. 

Friday will be the windier of the two days with gusts up to 40 mph, but things quiet considerably for the weekend. The 60's and 70s return with the off chance for a few showers Sunday. 

That Sunday bounce back continues into next week with no big cooldown coming!