Metro Detroit weather: Hot and humid Thursday with Air Quality Alert

We'll catch a break to sit back and relax, as the big storms from yesterday are gone. 

There is an Air Quality Alert for elevated levels of ozone. 

Ground-level ozone is a pollutant that can cause breathing issues, lung and throat irritation, and other respiratory symptoms, especially if you have an existing lung condition such as asthma. There is also ozone that is considered good. That ozone is in the upper atmosphere and protects from the sun's rays. However, when it is lower in the atmosphere, it is not good.

Another round of storms bubble up Friday afternoon ahead of a cold front. Hot and humid air stays in place until that front clears the area for the weekend. 

Severe weather is possible again with any Friday storms that develop, with damaging wind as the leading threat. 

Temps come down for the weekend and look to ride in the low 80s for much of next week.