Metro Detroit Weather: Very strong winds and snow squalls push in Monday

The wind is gusting and the lake effect snow is falling big time here in Southeast Michigan. Thanks to the passage of a hefty low pressure area and strong cold front, the forecast is changing rapidly. 

After beginning in the low 50s we've already seen temps fall into the middle 30s as the wind screams to gusts of 45 mph for the next several hours.

A Wind Advisory has been in effect for several hours now and will remain in effect until 7PM Monday. During this time we will see sustained winds between 20 and 30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph. 

After 7PM the winds will gradually subside, but will still be near 20 to 25 mph overnight.

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The danger for winds this strong of course is power outages. As tree limbs go dormant we could see some snap and impact power lines, which would be the major issue. Fox 2 will continue to monitor this and bring updates during the evening newscasts.

The second tier issue is the lake effect snow squalls that are speeding across the state. Lake Michigan waters are warm and the air traveling over them isn't. Thanks to the speed of the winds, the snow squalls that develop are holding together enough to affect us here in Southeast Michigan. 

These squalls could support the issuance of Snow Squall Warnings today. These warnings are relatively new to the NWS but are essentially the Winter equivalent of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings. They are short-lived bursts of heavy snowfall combined with gusty winds that quickly reduce visibilities. 

Be careful if you're driving through it later today!

As always, stay safe and stay tuned to the Fox 2 weather app for the latest.