Partly sunny start this week with cooldown coming by Thanksgiving in Michigan

If it feels like a change in the weather has taken place, you're not wrong. After last week's beautiful stretch of warm temperatures and sunny skies, we'll be in for something a bit more typical of late November this week.

Monday will bring some of the same sun but with much colder conditions and wind gusts reaching 18 mph. Low pressure is building out west and bringing some of the overcast conditions with it. 

That'll be followed by likely showers Monday night that will continue until early morning Tuesday. Wind speeds will pick up and could cause some of the rain to whip around a bit. However, rain totals won't amount to much.

But rain will continue to be a factor this week with more of it expected Tuesday morning and night. 

The skies will swap sunny and cloudy conditions this week with the coldest day falling later this weekend. 

Thanksgiving is looking sunny with a high of 45 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.