Southeast Michigan Halloween forecast: What to expect for trick-or-treating in Metro Detroit

Halloween is nearly here and we've got some bad news parents - you're going to have really layer up yourselves and the kids this year – it's going to be COLD. But there's no snow in the forecast, yet.

You would think that we'd be due for some good trick-or-treating weather. A year ago, we had chili temps with rain. And four years ago, it snowed. But it seems 2023 will not be our year for a nice, comfortable Halloween.

Temperatures this week are going to tease us with some GREAT late-October weather. We're talking 70 degrees, leave your jacket behind and grab a cup of cider – PERFECT October weather.

Beginning Tuesday, we're expecting three days of 70° or higher! We may even get four! Sure, there will be some spotty showers from time to time, but overall that's a pretty good forecast for late October

Surely it can't change too much between now and Halloween right?


A strong cold front on Friday, followed by a rush of cold Canadian air will bring a downright freezing pattern as we begin next week. The weekend will fall through the upper and middle 50s and, by Monday, our high temperatures will struggle to even make it to 50. 

Halloween high temperatures will be in the lower to mid-40s with overnight lows dropping to the freezing mark of 32°. The trick-or-treating hours will be COLD.

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Parents and kids alike should plan on upper 30s while walking around to get candy.

The silver lining is that we should be dry. Rain is expected on Monday the 30th but should pass through by then. So while it will be cold, it will at least not be rainy (or snowy). So... There's that!

After this extreme cold snap, temperatures do look to moderate more towards the middle of November.